My name is Ruma Marwah, a Professional Tarot Card Reader.

Today I will tell you the technique of;

How to Give Bad News to Your Clients in Tarot Reading?

Your clients believe in your Tarot prediction and hope to get accurate predictions about their present and future.

But every time, it is not the surety that the good outcome will occur. So, make your client prepare with the bad news.

So, how can you convey this bad news to your client?

The only way is to make your client comfortable. Then, convey him the other good results of his tarot reading and let him be positive in his tarot predictions.

In the last, you can pull, “Action Card” for him. In this way, you can give him the bad news and suggests him to take cation against it, work on his skills or emotions and turn this bad news into good news.

In this way, you can win believe of your client and convey all the good and bad messages to him of his Tarot reading.

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